Search For A Job On JobRapido

There’s no doubt that searching for a job can be a full-time activity! When I freshly graduated, it was even more challenging for me to get a job. 


Luckily, I came across a helping hand in terms of a website known as JobRapido. Suddenly, finding a job didn’t seem too tricky after all. All it took was a few clicks here and there, and I could explore an array of jobs that I am ideally suited for! 

What a blessing in disguise, and it’s a shame that not many know of it. Let’s find out more about JobRapido and what it has to offer.

  • About JobRapido
  • Pricing At JobRapido
  • Provides Access To Qualified People
  • Features Of JobRapido
  • Concept Of Taxonomy
Search For A Job On JobRapido
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About JobRapido

Known as the world’s most extensive job search engine, JobRapido was established in 2006 with its headquarters in Milan. I was surprised to find out that JobRapido is currently working in 58 countries globally to help every company find suitable candidates. 

Search For A Job On JobRapido
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Staying true to their word, JobRapido takes the ‘work out of looking for work’! I also found out that JobRapido has been a part of Symphony Technology Group (STG) since 2014, and their brilliant job searching technology has won several awards throughout the years! 

Thanks to JobRapido, I can safely say that the world of online recruitment has been revolutionized with the help of programming details that include AI, Big Data, and Taxonomy.  

When I was exploring JobRapido, I noticed that every country has its own specific page! The website has more than 85 million users from the 58 countries that it is operating in and has around one million monthly web visits from just the United States!


Company Vision

Speaking for myself as I say this, I was very impressed by the ideology behind JobRapido. Finding a way to efficiently connect employers and potential employees doesn’t sound too new, but it’s the way JobRapido has successfully managed its innovative ideology.

Thanks to the innovation and intelligent technology behind the screen, JobRapido can now take all the hard work out of finding a job for yourself. The search engine will connect you to jobs through classifying, ranking, and matching careers that are precisely what you’re looking for. Relevance is key, and the company will only match you to relevant jobs!

For the employers, JobRapido seems like a lifesaver to me. It doesn’t matter if the company wants to release only one job opening or have a thousand openings altogether; JobRapido will work its magic and provide successful methods to land suitable candidates and not empty clicks.

Pricing At JobRapido

For the ones who are looking for a job, there’s no cost for you. The website is free to explore so that you can search for jobs all day, every day. However, there is a fee applicable to each job posting for the companies who are posting jobs. The pricing packages start with the Starter Pack, Double Pack, and Smart Subscription.

Search For A Job On JobRapido
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In the Starter Pack, the cost would be £99.99, offering premium placement of job openings on the result pages. The companies can also reach candidates through the desktop and mobile versions. One advert in this pack would show for 30 days.

Talking about the Double Pack, its cost would be £179.98 with a premium placement of 2 job openings for 30 days. The Smart Subscription package starts from £499 with unlimited job postings and a minimum number of applications guaranteed!

Benefits Of JobRapido

For any company that chooses to post their job openings on JobRapido, it’s like hitting the jackpot. JobRapido offers multiple benefits to companies such as less work involved, there’s little to no risk of using this medium, more relevance in terms of applications, the lower cost involved, and a promised and dedicated service.

For the people who want to find jobs through JobRapido, everything works out perfectly in your favor! Let’s see how.

Provides Access To Qualified Candidates

The website’s Smart Intuition Technology™ allows perfect matching from a client to a potential employee. Say, for instance, you’re a well-qualified candidate with plenty of experience, and all that lacks is information about jobs around you – JobRapido makes up for the difference!

Search For A Job On JobRapido
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JobRapido sends push notification emails to such qualified candidates, so you don’t even need to look for a job – the job lands right in your email inbox! The company even sends job openings to partner companies so that information spreads faster and more efficiently.

Simple And Easy To Use

For me, exploring JobRapido was as easy. Nothing seemed complicated or out of the ordinary, and for some reason, it felt like I already knew what to do! 

JobRapido takes the complications out of finding a job for yourself, providing you with so much information regarding the positions available so that you can find the one best suited for you.

Plus, the email alerts make your search for jobs an ongoing process. Whenever JobRapido believes it has a job that would fit you, it will send you an email right away to keep you informed! This way, you won’t miss any of the chances that you could have had when searching for a job through JobRapido.

Features Of JobRapido

JobRapido has a revolutionary Smart Intuition Technology™, through which job seekers can find the best outcome available through relevant jobs. For employers, JobRapido provides perfect candidates in the ideal quantity, time, and price. How does it do this, though? Let’s find out.

Search For A Job On JobRapido
Image Source: Corporate Jobrapido

Taxonomy and Big Data go a long way for JobRapido and its technology. With the enabling of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, JobRapido can learn and understand the interest of people who are seeking jobs to find the perfect match for them. 

For example, through Smart Intuition Technology, JobRapido will filter out the age range, education level, and income levels of candidates in order to sort out a job for them. Not only this but factors like a person’s recruiting status plays a role in the process too! 

This technology is supposed to be so fast and steady, and considering that it is applied to all the stages of a job search experience, JobRapido does brilliantly at profiling their community. This enhances the user’s search experience to make matches between job seekers and job providers.

Four-Step User-Centric Profiled Experience

All with the help of Smart Intuition Technology, JobRapido can successfully offer a platform that is a fully integrated recruitment campaign based on user-centric profiling. This means that the company will only connect qualified candidates to jobs and not just anyone and everyone.

Here’s where the four steps come into action. When a person starts looking for a job, JobRapido will first identify if the person is an active job seeker and then begin profiling. After that, the second step arrives when that person gets offered multiple opportunities according to their needs and experience.

The third step would include continuing, offering customized alerts and new and recent vacancies for the person to fill. Here the Smart Intuition Technology comes in handy to provide unique offers and give automatic updates. The fourth step is when this person gets recruited, and the process starts all over again.

Concept Of Taxonomy

I also noticed that JobRapido is one of the first companies to apply the concept of taxonomy in the process of digital job recruitment. Taxonomy allows a classification of job seekers’ data and organizes various topics that match job seekers’ interests. This way, you can land on the job of your dreams without even having to look for it!

Search For A Job On JobRapido
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At JobRapido, taxonomy works with Machine and AI Learning to adapt and organize data of job seekers and refresh it throughout the recruitment process. This way, the entire process of finding a job becomes convenient and easy for everyone involved!

How To Use JobRapido To Find A Job

There is a specific page for navigation for every country, and on every page, there is tailored information based on jobs and how to find them. For example, when you visit the website of JobRapido US, you will be greeted with several jobs. These jobs are not yet tailored to your requirements but are of widespread interest.

You can search for job titles in the search bar, and there will also be a pop-up to encourage you to do that. It is also possible to search for skills or the name of the company that you’d like to work in – either works! There will be a button saying ‘start now in the corner,’ and that’s where you leave your email address to get tailored jobs.

Not only this, but you can also sort these jobs by relevance, like how recent they are, and by location, as in the state you’d like to find work in. You could also click directly on related searches, including IT Support, Insurance, Employment Support, and so on, to find the job that fits perfectly for you.

Search For A Job On JobRapido
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In my opinion, JobRapido has been very helpful in finding jobs that I didn’t even know existed! The awareness brought by JobRapido is beneficial, considering that I’m not paying a penny to find such jobs as well. 

You should try JobRapido today if you want an easy way to find a bunch of jobs together.