MyJobHelper – How To Find A Job

I’ve recently lost my job due to the pandemic, and I am in the process of finding a new job. For this new job-seeking period in my life, I have to learn how to apply for jobs. 


I’ve discovered that the easiest way to search and apply for jobs is to do it online. After I’ve tried out many job-seeking platforms and websites, I’ve been referred to the MyJobHelper’s site, and I’m delighted with what it offers me, as well as with the way it operates.

If you are in the same position and looking for one of the best job-seeking websites, read on. I’ll gladly share what I’ve found out about online work-seeking and my experience with MyJobHelper. I’ll briefly discuss the following.

  • The Internet And Job-Seeking
  • Job-Seeking Platforms In General
  • What Is MyJobHelper?
  • More Background Information About MyJobHelper
  • How Does MyJobHelper Work?
  • What Other Job Seekers Say About MyJobHelper
MyJobHelper - How To Find A Job
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The Internet And Job-Seeking

In surfing on the internet, I’ve found interesting facts in a Pew Research Center survey so far back as 2010. At that stage, two-thirds of Americans believed that people without an internet connection were at a disadvantage when looking for a job

MyJobHelper - How To Find A Job
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According to that survey, 54% of Americans have looked online for job information, and as many as 45% applied for a job online. And that was more than a decade ago! In the last ten years, the number of Americans who have searched for jobs online has more than doubled. 

A decade ago, it seems to me that it was mostly young job seekers using the internet, but nowadays, job seekers of all ages are using job-seeking platforms and websites. It is clear to me that currently, online employment resources are the top sources for job information. 

According to recent surveys, most American job seekers have used online platforms and websites to look and apply for jobs.


Platforms At Present

In recent years there are a variety of job-seeking platforms and websites available. Some of them are very specialized and cater to specific types of jobs. But the great majority have a wide variety of categories. 

The problem I’ve encountered when I started to look for jobs has been which platform to use. Fortunately, I’ve discovered one that suits me perfectly, but many job-seekers simultaneously use more than one job-seeking platform.   

Job-Seeking Platforms In General

I’ve discovered that all digital platforms offer about the same features and job-finding opportunities. Some are just that more efficient than others. Job-seeking digital platforms are available for everyone looking for a job – from informal workers to highly skilled professionals. 

MyJobHelper - How To Find A Job
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In general, these platforms accomplish three basic things for job seekers and potential employers. The platforms make it easy for job seekers like me to find available jobs and get details regarding the requirements for each job. 

Secondly, they reduce the cost of recruiting for both me as the job seeker and the employer. Thirdly, most of them allow me to market myself to a more diverse audience. 

Offline solutions such as newspaper postings, recruitment agencies, job boards, and visiting potential employers are expensive, slow, and ineffective. 

Algorithms And Automation

The algorithms and automation used on the job-seeking websites and platforms enable job seekers and employers to quickly make personalized and detailed searches. 

Digital access to job platforms levels the playing field to a great extent. All job seekers have the same opportunities that I have to apply for vacancies.

What Is MyJobHelper?

As mentioned earlier, I’m now in the situation that I have to look for another job. I need to get a job near my current location, as my family cannot be relocated at this stage. My first step has been to start looking for platforms and websites to search for potential new jobs near me. 

MyJobHelper - How To Find A Job
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A friend of mine told me about the job-seeking website he had used to find a new job. I’ve looked at MyJobHelper and started to use it, and I’m very satisfied with the service it offers. 

One of the reasons that I’ve signed up with MyJobHelper is that I’ve discovered that according to marketing research, MyJobHelper is one of the largest job search websites in the U.S. 

By signing up with it, I’ve joined 30 million other job-seekers looking for jobs or having been placed in jobs by MyJobHelper.

Expansive Reach

MyJobHelper can find me a job in about 12 countries. These countries include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and India. 

It is continuously adding jobs in new countries to its database. It is seen as one of the fastest expanding job sites globally. 

But the possibility it offers me to stay informed about when jobs in my area are released is what attracted me to this site in the first place.

More Background Information About MyJobHelper

When I use MyJobHelper, I can actually experience how the administrators of the site make their goal everyday practice. Its goal is to make the site as simple, easy, and fast as possible for job searchers. 

MyJobHelper - How To Find A Job
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To achieve this, the MyJobHelper’s staff are working 24/7 to ensure the job notifications that are going to job seekers are the most relevant and recent jobs at that time. Every time I’m getting alerts, it is for new opportunities, and when I search its database for jobs, I find new possible jobs every day. 

What I’ve only realized recently is that MyJobHelper, which was founded in 2012 as a job search engine and aggregator, also owns and operates a network of other job search websites. 

These websites include,,, and All these websites use advanced technology. I’m told that MyJobHelper is actively using 73 technologies for its website, including SPF, SSL by Default, and WordPress.

Trusted And Popular

MyJobHelper has been described by Deloitte’s Fast 500 as the fastest growing technology company, and it has appeared on the Inc. 5000 list four times already. 

MyJobHelper is one of the top 5 most visited job sites in the United States and has grown 1,640% in 3 years.

How Does MyJobHelper Work?

I can assure any job seeker, whether you are looking for a job near your current location like me, or for a job anywhere in the U.S. or even in any of the 12 countries it is servicing now, it is very simple to sign up to this website, and it is free. 

MyJobHelper - How To Find A Job
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I’ve just visited the MyJobHelper website and registered to receive job alerts via email. With the registration, I’ve stipulated that I only want to receive alerts when jobs that I’m qualified for open up in my area. +

My current location and the type of jobs I’m interested in are now on MyJobHelper’s database, and I receive an email every time a potential opportunity becomes available.

I’ve also set the frequency that I want to receive the alerts but can decrease or increase the frequency anytime. When I find a job, I will disable the job alerts altogether, and I can do it with one click.

More Specific Guidelines To Search And Apply On MyJobHelper

To make it easy for you to use MyJobHelper, I’ll describe what I did when signing up with them. I entered the type of job I was looking for. Then I was prompted to enter the zip code of the area I was residing in. 

Then I had to click on the orange button on the screen. I then looked at the newest listings at the top of the page and clicked on the listing that interested me the most.  

I executed a more targeted search in the Advanced Search link and set some filters on the search results. That is where I indicated that I needed a job near my residence. As the last step, I clicked on Sign up for MyJobHelper to receive alerts regarding available jobs.

What Other Job Seekers Say About MyJobHelper

I like to search for comments from other people regarding something I want to utilize online. I’ve done the same with MyJobHelper. 

MyJobHelper - How To Find A Job
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I’ve looked at online reviews.  A user reports that she has received a call back from a potential employer very quickly, and the employment offered is just what she wants to do. She is very excited about the new job and very glad that she has used MyJobHelper. 

Another user emphasizes how user-friendly and easy-to-use the whole process in his job-seeking period has been. He says he has never experienced any stress because the way MyJobHelper handles registration and the entire process speaks of a high level of professionalism.

No Spams

A user comments that MyJobHelper has been the only site sending details in line with her stipulations. No unnecessary emails have been received. She says, “they rock!”. I, and various other users, recommend the site to all job seekers. 


Since I’ve been using MyJobHelper, I’ve had a few return calls from potential employers. I’m in contact with them all as I’m interested in all the jobs offered, and within days I will accept one of the work offers. And this is all a result of the unique methods MyJobHelper uses to match employers’ offers with job seekers’ qualifications, experience, and preferences.

If you are looking for a job, visit MyJobHelper’s website, and you’ll most probably quickly get what you are looking for.