Learn Why Tech Jobs Will Grow More And More

I’m involved in the technology sector, and as many young people qualify for jobs in this field, I’ve started to wonder where they are all going to get jobs. I’ve then looked at what job experts have to say regarding the future of tech jobs.


Most experts say that while the fourth industrial revolution is causing some people to lose their jobs, it is the same revolution that is creating more and more tech jobs. 

The reason is that this industrial revolution is a digital revolution needing tech experts. Let’s dive right in to see why there’s an expansion of tech jobs.

  • Traditional Job Situation Is Changing
  • Billions Of Internet Users Ensure That Tech Jobs Are Available
  • Web Designers Needed For E-Commerce
  • Network Engineers Needed To Keep Software Linked
  • Tech Jobs For The Analytical Brain
  • Tech Jobs Projected Future Growth
Learn Why Tech Jobs Will Grow More And More
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Traditional Job Situation Is Changing

The pandemic and lockdowns emphasize what I have been telling many of my friends and colleagues for a long time already. I believe we are in the process of forever changing the way the world will do business and look at job opportunities.

Learn Why Tech Jobs Will Grow More And More
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Many businesses have been selling products online for several years already and receive payments via the internet. They now also follow the newest trend to move their admin online and let remote employees do the administration online. 

Tech experts are continuously developing state-of-the-art tools to ensure coordinated and efficient work. Tech jobs are growing more and more to keep businesses effectively online, providing the tools for remote work and developing automation aspects.

Will The Changing Situation Have An Influence On Human Jobs?

Many companies are downscaling their administration personnel due to automation, but they are creating new tech jobs to develop and implement the new digital systems. Since the pandemic, many businesses also let their personnel work from home and thus need new digital systems to accommodate this. 


The new systems require new tech jobs, and therefore I recommend that prospective students, or people already in employment who want to start a new career path, consider tech careers. It is a career field where qualified professionals are likely to remain in high demand in the future. 

In the future, the jobs will extensively grow and require people skilled and qualified in aspects of the internet, the cloud, cybersecurity, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality.

Billions Of Internet Users Ensure That Tech Jobs Are Available 

Apart from people working online from home, more and more people use the internet and social media with all their platforms. More internet users lead to more tech jobs as businesses need tech people to develop apps, systems, and websites to reach the growing number of users

Learn Why Tech Jobs Will Grow More And More
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Interesting statistics I’ve found regarding this growing number of internet users indicate that in 2005 there were only 1 billion users globally, and ten years later the number of users only doubled to 2 billion. In the last five years, the number doubled to 4.66 billion.

With this type of explosion in the fourth industrial revolution, there will always be tech jobs available. These statistics help me to decide to stay in my job in the technology field – my job is safe! 

Excellent Opportunities For Mobile App Developers

I’ve found the reason why tech jobs in the field of mobile apps are growing is that more functionality is moving to mobile devices. Institutions like banks are always adding new functions to their apps and using employed and freelance developers more and more. 

If I think about how my online bank functions have shifted from aspects done on my PC to mobile transactions, I start to understand how many skilled tech people are constantly developing and modifying apps. 

All of us are using more and more mobile apps every day. It varies from travel bookings to dating services, and it is constantly growing. As long as there is a demand for apps to make our lives easier, tech jobs will demand.  

Web Designers Needed For E-Commerce 

Most companies nowadays invest in e-commerce solutions, and there is an increase in social media advertising. There will always be a demand for skilled web designers to design the web pages for these increased online advertisement campaigns. 

Learn Why Tech Jobs Will Grow More And More
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Businesses are always looking for new ideas and gadgets to add to their websites and will always need original thinkers to visualize and produce new web pages. I’m sure the website development field will continuously grow. 

Software Diversity And Database Admin Are Expanding

Careers as software engineers and database administrators are not new. New technology is created all the time due to the need to adapt to online work in the cloud and on digital devices.

With the trend of remote work, I’m sure that special software has to be created on an ongoing basis to help the remote workers and their companies to work effectively. This need for software also creates opportunities for entrepreneur engineers. 

To administer the remote workers and e-commerce aspects, databases must be kept up to date and functioning perfectly. Even where non-human workers like robots are functioning, or automatic product-line procedures are being used, information must be fed into the databases and administered.

Network Engineers Needed To Keep Software Linked

Another field I’ve found where tech jobs are growing fast is that of network engineers. As organizations and businesses are developing new procedures and accompanying software, the need to connect an institution’s systems and networks is of critical importance. 

Learn Why Tech Jobs Will Grow More And More
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The more platforms and mobile devices are used, the more integration and connections between the systems and networks are needed. 

I’ve noticed on job-seeking platforms that every month more and more jobs are advertised for network engineers. 

Cybersecurity Will Always Create Jobs

I’ve read that dedicated cybersecurity experts are the most in-demand tech professionals nowadays. I foresee that the demand for these techs will never decline as long as business and other transactions are done online – and I don’t think it will ever stop. 

Hackers and fraudulent people are growing in their number day by day, and they cause havoc across the globe. In talking to cybersecurity experts I know, it has become clear that they play a vital role in securing the websites of public and private organizations. 

They shield their employers or employers from attacks on company data and sensitive information, especially in the cloud. As more and more hackers are constantly looking for flaws and backdoors in companies’ digital data and procedures, the demand for cybersecurity experts is expanding. 

Tech Jobs For The Analytical Brain 

Sometimes data analyst jobs are not seen as tech jobs, but the data analyst is part of the whole tech family. I can assure you that if you enjoy mathematics, statistics, and programming, and above all, have an analytical brain, a career as a data analyst is for you. 

Learn Why Tech Jobs Will Grow More And More
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And as with all the other tech jobs, there is an ever-growing demand for data analysts. The aim is to analyze and respond to client needs. Without an analyst, all the databases, software, and platforms a company uses are of no use. 

The digital revolution causes more clients, more needs, and more analytical interpretations. As it is a very specialized field, I can’t see that analysts will not always be in demand. 

Data Scientists Are An Important Link In The Analytical Process 

The job of a data scientist is related to what analysts are doing. The analyst analyzes data to assist companies’ management in making good decisions. The data scientist is trained to compile and clean data so that the data is not distorted with fake information. 

Thus, it is important for a business or institution to employ data scientists to comb through the data received every day, ensuring that the data analysts get clean so that the company has accurate information to work with. 

As this is such an important link in the data analyzing process, data scientist jobs will always be available.

Tech Jobs Projected Future Growth 

With all the reasons I’ve given about the availability and growth of tech jobs in the future, you might wonder what the projected growth will be. I share with you the numbers I’ve found in a 2019 article. The article gives projected growth until 2026.

Learn Why Tech Jobs Will Grow More And More
Image Source: Enterprise Talk 

According to this article, jobs for database administrators will grow by 11% and system analysts by 9%. Web developer jobs are expected to grow by 15%. Software developer jobs and information security analyst jobs will increase by 24% and 28%, respectively. 

Highest Growth

According to the article, the highest growth is expected for market research analyst jobs (32%) and mobile app developers (57%).

All these projections were made before the pandemic. With the digital and remote work explosion, it is expected that the growth will be much higher.


It becomes clear to me that there are various reasons why tech jobs are growing. This fourth industrial revolution is changing the way we think about work and, literally, all aspects of our everyday lives. And the digital era shows no indication that it will end soon. 

As long as you have the qualifications and skills needed, a tech job is waiting for you.