Setting Your Goals For Web Video Production

With video views and shares skyrocketing across the web, it makes sense that you’d look to web video production as a good option for your own marketing campaign. Although video is a great idea, making one just because everyone else is doing it isn’t practical. Unfortunately, it won’t have the amazing results you’re hoping for if you don’t set specific goals.


Determine your Purpose

Decide whether you want to raise awareness for your brand or cause, market a specific product or get people to click to your website. Do you want to get more Facebook fans or increase the number of times your video is shared or something else? If you don’t have a purpose, it will be hard to measure whether your web video production is successful.

Target an Audience

Maybe if you’re raising awareness you just want to get anyone to view your web video production, but just because someone sees the video doesn’t mean your product or service is right for them. If you’re selling winter products then why try to get people who live in tropical climates to see your video? Narrow down your audience to make more effective goals that are easier to reach.

Design a Message

After you have a purpose, you can now deliver a message. Brand awareness goes well with storytelling and videos that don’t necessarily plug a product, rather they inspire. However, if you want to promote a product, you may be telling a story, but a different kind of story. Oreo does a really excellent job of promoting their products by telling a story with them in the form of recipes. Others place videos on their sites that allow users to click on the items, which link the site for purchasing. Design something that will maximize your purpose and speak to your audience.

Decide how to Measure Success

If you want to get more shares on Facebook, make sure you keep track of them, but also decide in advance what success will mean. Maybe there’s a certain number you’d like to target. If you want to increase sales, figure out how you are going to measure whether the video really did or didn’t boost sales and create a reasonable goal based on how other’s sales have increased with videos. The idea is that you have some concrete numbers and ideas in mind of what success will look like, and a way to measure it before you put the video up.

Web video production is a great way to bring more people to your site and expand your audience, however, it’s not a good idea to try to make just one video target hundreds of goals. By narrowing things down and following these tips your video will be more targeted, coherent, and successful.