A Guide On How Industrial Deafness Compensation Can Be Claimed

At this present time, numerous industries are already engaged in different activities. The economy of a nation or even the world is stirred up by these activities. Aside from that, numerous jobs are being offered by these industries to a lot of people. Through these jobs, their own selves and their own families can be supported by the workers.


These workers are exposed to different working conditions, depending on which industries their companies belong to. At times, the workers are vulnerable to health risks due to these working conditions. Industrial deafness can be acquired by a worker, especially if the noise level of his workplace is more than 80dB. If you think that you have been afflicted with such condition, then, you are eligible for an industrial deafness compensation. Here are the steps that should be taken in order to have such compensation claimed.

The first step would be the establishment of the fact that your sense of hearing has been damaged or lost. A qualified and reputable audiologist or relevant medical practitioner should be consulted. The necessary comprehensive tests in order to get this fact established will be done by the audiologist to get your condition confirmed. An official report should be made by the medical professional. The details of your condition will be stated in such report. The written report is one of the requirements to have your industrial deafness compensation claimed.

Next, a proof needs to be established that your injury has been caused by a prolonged exposure to high noise levels that are present in your workplace. In this case, statements from your coworkers with regards to the situation should be collated. Documentary evidences from your employer where the working conditions are detailed must also be prepared.

It also needs to be shown that your current working condition is known to the employer. There must be knowledge on the part of the employer that the workers could be afflicted with industrial deafness in such workplace. Most importantly, he must be found negligent of this knowledge and never did anything in order to have the workers protected. If effort have been made for such protection, then, it should be viewed as ineffective and lacking. Your claim can be asserted through the help of the knowledge of this condition by your employer.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that industrial deafness compensation cannot be claimed through tinnitus alone. Tinnitus is a condition where background noises which are hallucinations can be heard even though they are not present. However, if tinnitus is suffered in conjunction with a hearing disorder that has been acquired in the workplace, such condition can be a factor to have the amount of compensation calculated.

Since there are time limits for this claim, a claims advisor must be consulted. Such professional must be knowledgeable and reputable in this field. The merits of a possible industrial deafness compensation amounts can be discussed by this professional to you. In this manner, the right expectation can also be set with regards to the amount of compensation that you will possibly receive.