Best Editing Effects for Your Videos


Major leaps in technology affect the editing industry. The video effects that we have in mind before can be now easily achieved through various editing software. But with wide arrays of design in the market, it’s tough to get the visuals right. To your benefit, we listed the editing effects that will impress your crowds.

Animated Effects and Sketch Lines

Nowadays, hand drawn animation and sketches are growing in popularity. This is because it can make your video more engaging. You can use this style to highlight the specific message and make the storytelling simpler. Moreover, when making long narrative videos. The visual appeal will capture your viewer’s interest.


Vintage Effect

Feeling sentimental? Vintage effects recreate the look of older footage. If you are planning to add nostalgic feel and bring back the good old times to your video, then this is the perfect style to use.

Slow Motion

Slowing down the video can heighten the audience emotions. Use slow motion to highlight dramatic scenes or funny moments.

Split Screen

This is one of the oldest yet most effective video editing technique. It lets you show two videos or simultaneous images at once screen. The use of split-screen filming is growing trend to film and commercial production.


Fast Motion

Fast motion is suited for showing the progression of time. This will make your video faster than the normal speed. Use this type of effect when accelerating certain situation of showing before and after results.

Now you know the effects to use, you’ve got no reason to not make engaging videos. However, if you think that your skills are not enough to pull it off, you could always rely on Sonic Sight. They are a company that makes video production for commercial use. Visit or call for the complete list of their service.