Job Description of a Logo Designer

The logo design industry is an industry that is booming in itself. Here, you can earn and enjoy your work at the same time. A logo designer makes branding, which is then used to symbolise a product, service, business, company or an organisation. Graphic designers don’t just learn how to draw and would venture into the industry. They typically have a bachelor’s degree, since every logo designer needs to have some formal education.


Educational Requirement

Most employers would hire a designer who has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, yet they would hire people who haven’t got one if he or she has enough experience and an impressive portfolio on their hands. A good background in the art would also help so much. Courses such as art history and modern art would come in handy.
Attending seminars that are related to logo design will also help those who want to become a designer. Other courses that are available for those who are interested are graphic design history, a degree program in graphic design, drawing, typography, advertising, photography and corporate marketing.


Those who work in the industry can work in the creative department of companies. They can make logos for the products the company sells. They also can apply for a job in advertising agencies. A designer could also do freelance work as a website designer, especially if he/she has a background in web development. They also work in publishing companies; help develops logos for books and magazines. The possibilities are endless for these creatives.

Salary Information

The industry provides more than 200,000 jobs every year. Most of those who work in this industry earn more than the minimum wage of workers. The said average salary for a designer is $50,000.00 per annum. Bonuses and incentives are not part of this.

You see, being in the industry of logo design doesn’t mean that you’ll only need to know how to draw. You also need to have a good educational background in order to be in this industry. If you’re looking for someone with expertise and experience, you can rely on creative online logo designs, we have you covered.