Why Choose A Dynamic Website Design

If you are a beginner; you may not be able to distinguish the difference between a static and a dynamic Website Design by simply looking at the page. It could have been considered or mistakenly considered as a static page should it be a simple website that has the old look and feel. No fancy stuff like those of the interactive ones seen today.


Static and Dynamic, if defined, would simply mean non-moving, non-interacting, versus moving and interacting. Pages that has simple GIF animation can be mistakenly identified as a dynamic website simply because the page has a moving or animated item in it. Understanding what it is that separates a static page from being dynamic one would help you understand the difference between the two approaches in Website Design.

Static pages are easy to host yet hard to maintain, for the reason being that the said pages can only be maintained by someone knowledgeable about Website Design and programming. Easy to host as it is easy to upload basic pages, no multiple objects, just simple hyperlinks and items such as pictures are in it. Same reason why it is easy to develop, no fancy programming; and no fancy design. Just simple and straight to the point approach. The bad thing about a static page is that it requires a person having good knowledge in website programming to update the website, having said that, the content of the website could be stagnant.

Dynamic pages are a bit trickier and could be a bit more expensive to develop during the designing stage. But consider the reason why it was designed and developed, there are way more advantages than than of the bad ones or disadvantages of a dynamic website. As it had been described in one of the forums, dynamic Website Design has numerous advantages and the limit of what it is that you can put there is limited to what it is you can imagine.

It is more advantageous because of the objects in it, contents such as discussion boards like that of a forum, bulletin boards, an intranet facility and an extranet facility that allows viewers and or users per se’ (to interact) upload files to the page. And making it easier for the owner or administrator of the page to add contents like that of a new update or or events update. Main reason dynamic Website Design had been developed. The web design companies Sydney create functional website design.