Tips for Making Office Chairs More Comfortable

If you’re are working in an office, you will likely sit on one of the office chairs for most of the day. Hence, you should choose a product that is comfortable and easy to use. Otherwise, you could suffer from serious back or spinal cord injuries.


There are many cases where people get sick because of sitting in bad or inferior chairs. These can cause sciatica and a host of other health problems that can lead to pain and disability. To avoid this, be careful in picking the right office chairs in your workplace.

Aside from the ergonomics, you can also make office chairs more comfortable by doing the following:

Sit properly – Always maintain the proper sitting posture to avoid straining your lower back. Most health issues emanate from lack of support on your lumbar area. The only way to avoid this is by sitting up straight with your feet on the floor. It’s that simple!

Adjust your chair to have the exact fit – Make the necessary adjustments so you are comfortable while sitting on the chair. Check that it is at the right height and be wary of your sitting posture. The chair should also perfectly support your arms and upper back.

Add a footrest – Your feet should touch the floor whilst sitting. If you can’t, buy a footrest. This allows your weight to be distributed to your feet and not just concentrated on your lower back. It can also help you sit well and improve blood circulation.

Bolster your chair with pillows – If you feel that your chair does not fit your body, add pillows for additional support. You can buy a small one, preferably made of memory foam, to adjust to the contours of your back.


Whilst choosing the right office chairs is essential for your comfort, using them properly is equally important. Use the tips above to help you relax, be more comfortable, and productive.

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