Key Principles of Website Design

Hundreds – maybe even thousands— of websites are uploaded on the net every day. Still, there will always be those who are able to land on top of search engine sites. And it’s not just because they studied the algorithm well, but because the website design is awesome and because they provide relevant content to their visitors and subscribers.

If you’re still clueless on the key principles of web design, here are some of them:

Create an original work

No one can ever innovate an awesome output by basing their work on someone else’s masterpiece. It may save time and effort, but it won’t do any good to the business. It limits experts from coming up with fresh and original ideas. In the end, it also hinders a company’s growth.

It’s okay to admire and observe the works of other people. After all, that’s how they’ll be able to assess what are the trends in their industries.

Start with a blank canvas

Experts know how time-consuming it is to present a pre-set design to their clients rather than begin with a clean slate. It’ll just be one revision after the other, eating away the time and energy that could’ve been used to double check everything else.


That’s why many web designers start with a blank canvas. They outline the major parts and fill it with intricate details later.

This way, they can create one that fits the purpose of your website and the design that you want it to have.

Create ones you can code

Each web design team knows the strengths and weaknesses of their group. Meaning, they wouldn’t offer to make one that they don’t know how to create. They should see to it they have the right skills and talent to deliver the best results.

True experts will also be honest with you on the timeframe of the completion of the website you’re asking them to develop.

When it comes to web development, it’s never done by just one man. It consists of an experienced team, each having their own specialisations, who are working together to provide a great output for their clients.

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