First Class Computer Experts

Have you ever been pissed off with your computer before? Better yet, is the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) giving you a hard time? How about that RAM cable which keeps on disconnecting from the motherboard when you are doing heavy gaming? Along these lines, do you wonder why your computer keeps shutting down when gaming? Well, we have all the computer repairs information you may need.


Now Who Are We?

What defines us? You may be wondering why we are so confident in the subject matter. As a matter of fact, we are confident as 30 years in the field has been the ideal teacher. We are what defines the modern age computing – we have had a great part in pin pointing out all the pain points which our clients over the years have posed to us. We have thus made you have better experience with your PC.

Normally, you will find that our base of operation is divided into a number of sub-teams. Each and every of these is well versed in whatever it is that it does. With this, we are really capable of offering your computer the attention that it really needs. All the possible pain points which keep on showing off when you are using your personal computer are attended to and handled with the seriousness they deserve.

Simply start by placing a quote and then we will attend to your request. After this, if you have the time, you may bring your computer over to our offices. If you don’t have the times, then we will be more than happy to come and pick your computer, place it under a unique ID and then apply the required computer repairs. After that you may then pick your computer.

Modularity In Practice

When it comes to computing, we always believe in and value modularity. This is why we feel that it is best to have out team divided into a number of chunks. Each and every chunk is then given the mandate to work on a specific area as you will see shortly. The benefit of this is that the effectiveness of the computer repairs service that you will get will cover all aspects without glossing over.

– Data recovery on failed computer hard drives
– Networking and wireless cable connections on your PC
– Modem and DSL cables checkup
– Hardware repairs
– Software maintenance
– Antivirus installation and virus removal
– Full PC troubleshooting

Let Us Show Off Our Ratings

Being in the computer repairs industry for this long clearly makes us the ideal choice for many clients. It is for this matter that we are proud to go ahead and show off some of the motivating rankings we received from our clients. It is also important to note that none of the rankings below have been biased in any way.


– Cheaper and affordable fees
– Fully competent team
– We are flexible to meet your needs – 24 hour service
– We come to your base of operation – no travel fees on your end
– We involve you during the process and keep in touch after the process – following up on the progress

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