Improving Website Traffic Through SEO


According to imformation, 93% of most online experiences begin with a search engine?

That means, 93% of the activities done by users on the internet are the follow up actions of searches done using a search engine such as Google or Bing.


Now, we already know that people almost instantly turn to the internet for answers to every question that pops up in their mind, right?

These facts just show how important the search results on any search engine are for a website owner. In order for a company to get customers to view and interact with their website, they have to get their site listed on most preferably the first or at least second page of search results.

How can you do that?


This is where the most widely used online marketing tactic comes in to play – Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of influencing the visibility or position of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s free or unpaid search results, by altering or optimizing several factors related to the particular web page such as keywords, title, hyperlinks etc.

It is basically the optimization of a web page in order to get it listed on a higher position on the search engine’s free results, so as to get more traffic. The higher the site or page appears on the search results list, and the more frequently it appears, the more visitors it gets, who can then be converted to customers.

The free search results are also called “organic” or “natural” results too, as they do not involve any payment. There are also paid results for search engines.

SEO works for different kinds of searches. Apart from the common text based search, it also works for image searches, video searches, academic searches and local searches. Apart from that, SEO can also be targeted for news searches and industry based vertical search engines.

Some of the basic factors that Search Engine Optimization considers in case of search engines are the things people generally search for, the exact keywords people use and the exact search engines that people generally use.

When it comes to a web page, some of the main properties that can be altered to optimize it are the content itself, the title, the links embedded in the site and even the HTML code for the page.

A little background research on the general search terms and a little tweaking in a web page can go a long way into getting more traffic, for your website.