Ideal Careers for Each Zodiac Sign

Each of the 12 Zodiac signs has a set of traits that makes you excel and stand out in certain careers. Aside from reading your daily horoscope, you can also find the occupations that suit you the best using your distinct personality profiles:

Aries – Being the natural-born leaders, you are groomed for leading people and are hungry for adventure and action. You can be good outdoor guides, personal trainers, athletes, coaches and, of course, CEOs and other managerial positions.

Taurus You are dependable, grounded, hard-working, practical and are good in managing finances. While you are also good in leadership posts like Arians, you prefer to lead by example. You can be great for flower arrangement and food industry jobs. They can also become fantastic bankers and financiers.

Gemini You crave variety, information-gathering and prefer to work in fast-paced environments. As they are bored easily, they love to work in a quickly changing environment where you can use your many talents and skills in your varied interests. You will excel in jobs that involve teaching, communications, media, speaking, writing and entertainment.

Cancer Known as the nurturers and caretakers of the Zodiac, you thrive in an environment where you can help others grow emotionally and physically. You are great childcare workers, caregivers, human resource officers, social workers, teachers as well as health and wellness professions.


Leo You crave for attention and exposure. You have ‘regal aura and presence’ that makes you great for leadership and management positions. You will become fantastic entertainers, actors, movie directors, musicians and even costume design. Just be sure your career gives you a grand sense of purpose that feeds your strong ideals.

Virgo Being perfectionistic and detail-oriented make people under this sign highly dependable and practical, making you the ideal employee. You also demand perfection from others. As such, you can become a star editor, researcher, technician, detective, translator and statistician. You can also ace in service and care industries.

Libra The natural mediators of the Zodiac, you are keen on preserving peace and order as well as justice in any organisation. You also excel in dealing with people and are good in appreciating beauty in things. You are fit to become lawyers, diplomats, brokers, translators, hospitality professionals, interior designers, travel agents and wedding planners.

Scorpio You are great at investigating and keeping secrets. You also love a job that transforms you and others in a deep, emotional level. You are designed to work as psychotherapist, doctor, crisis counsellor, crime scene investigator and even a psychic.

Sagittarius You are called the travellers and freedom-lovers who love to cruise toward uncharted waters and territories. You are the professional explorers and tourists who also thrive in assisting others in doing the same. You work best in travel industry as consultant and travel agent, and are also great foreign language experts and translators.

Capricorn You are serious, organised and pragmatic people who have the charisma to lead a team. You value hard work, commitment and ambition, and are suited for administrative and managerial positions that focus on efficiency. You can also be architects, engineers and designers.

Aquarius The rebels and eccentrics of the bunch, you are free-spirits that value hard work (think of Thomas Edison). Their out-of-the-box attitude and wacky minds make them fit for entrepreneurship and science or technology jobs. They are also excellent graphic designers, photographers and project managers.

Pisces These compassionate, intense souls are great healers for both mind and body. They are happiest in jobs that express your sensitive and healing side. You are wired to become successful nurses, doctors, psychologists and physical therapists. You can also excel in art and design.