How To Promote Your Corporate Videos

Promoting your business to potential clients using corporate video is now a growing trend. Instead of sending boring marketing materials to your customers, you and leverage the rising use of smartphones and tablets to expand your business. Here are some ways to promote your business through corporate videos:


• Social media

Internet marketing, particularly using social media channels has transformed advertising methods in a span of a few years. You can use YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels. Write a catchy description of your business and all you have to offer and simply post your sales and corporate videos on social media for free advertising. If you are able to produce catchy video, your business can easily go viral. Make sure you all your friends share it with their friends and their friends share it with their friends and so on. Sharing your corporate film over the internet can spread your video faster than a bushfire.

• Email

Using your mailing list, you can send the link to the video you posted on the social media channels above through email. Experts believe this process is more effective than social media as you have already done business with most of the people in your list.  Just make sure to provide a catchy content to entice your customers to watch the video.

• Traditional marketing

There are cases when you need to market your services using old-school marketing. Whilst using print materials such as distributing business card, leaflets and brochures for promoting your corporate video may sound obsolete, some people especially those of the older generation appreciate this marketing method.

• Word of mouth

Always promote your video to your clients and convince them to refer the video to their acquaintances and network. People often trust a good referral more than the best website.

Before you promote your video, you need experienced professionals to produce great corporate videos.