3 Smart Web Design Tips for Your Site

Most companies nowadays make use of their sites to centralise both sales and marketing. Whilst this is effective, there’s a lot of competition as almost all businesses have sites. Web design can help you get an edge over your competitors. Small changes in your site’s aesthetic can really help make a difference in visitors and click-through rates. Here are a few smart web design tips to improve your site:


Minimise messy and cluttered text using card designs.

Search engine optimisation and quality content will get you on top of Google rankings, but this isn’t enough to make a sale. For conversions, you need visitors. Content should be formatted in a way that’s not messy because according to Adobe, 30% of readers will leave your website if your content is overly long. Card designs can help your landing page by organising text in a clean, readable manner.

Use engaging forms of media.

Images are essential to any website, regardless if you’re advertising a product or service. Products should have clearly labelled images. Services, on the other hand, need to have photos of the job in action. And remember – no stock images!

Videos are the most engaging form of media to date. People are more likely to buy a product if they’ve watched a demonstration beforehand. They’re also more likely to view a product as positive if they’ve seen a video of it being reviewed. You can drastically increase user engagement with video.

Never underestimate the power of a call-to-action button.


Call-to-action buttons are simple, effective, and they make a lot of sense. They to conversions is a button that’s big. This makes it easy to read and easy to see. The colour should also contrast with the background – make sure it pops! Further, don’t include some generic statement in there. Try and be more creative, and ties into your brand image. Nothing’s worse than a boring copy.

It’s easy to create a website that generates conversions. All you must do is think smart about web design. For more tips and tricks, visit the website of Oley Media Group.